The First Tomato!

0629 tomato.jpgThe first homegrown tomato of the summer!  There is nothing better.

It was the grey and cold of early March when I planted the seed that sprouted into a six-foot-tall vine that budded a flower that grew into this little round burst of sunshine.  March!  Looking back, I had unimaginable and boundless faith back in March.  Faith in tiny seeds and warmer days.  And that faith was surely tested a few times in the last four months but I’m here now, proven and rewarded.

The first tomato of 2017 was again a Sungold F1 Hybrid.  Possibly the best tasting snacking tomato the world has ever known.  In my opinion, anyway.

0702 tomatoes.jpg

It’s quite a bit later than last year, and I’m a little surprised by that since I’m growing all the tomatoes in the greenhouse this year.  We did have a pretty terrible winter though, so I suppose I should cut the tomatoes some slack.

The rest of the tomatoes – the Polish Linguisas, the Pink Berkley Tie Dyes, the Brandywines, the Indigo Cherry Drops, and the San Marzanos – are growing large but are still green, for now.  Give them another week or two (or three) and they’ll be ready, too.  Give them another month, and I’ll be absolutely overwhelmed; my counters overflowing with these jewels of the garden.


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