Notes | 6.27.17

0627 cherry0628 eggsI watched Cherry, our Rhode Island Red, lay her first egg today.  The poor thing looked absolutely bewildered.  She wasn’t even lying down when she laid the egg, she was sort of crouching and grunting (sorry for that bit of imagery, but that is some real-life chicken doings for you).  Wilhelm Von Cocklespurs, on the other hand, was downright jubilant.  He perched on the railing right next to her and crowed and warbled as if he had something to do with it.

Including Cherry’s, I found three eggs today.  They scoff at the nice nest box with the clean and comfortable hay in it that I put up for them.  They prefer cat beds and places unknown.


7 thoughts on “Notes | 6.27.17

  1. oldhouseintheshires says:

    Thank you Lacey for linking up to my linky party! I love your site and we have a lot in common with the living in an old house! I love hens but I can’t decide whether to get any really…..I have a dog who would definitely eat them! Hope to see you link up again at the beginning of August. #MyGloriousGardens


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