A Glimpse in the Greenhouse

0528 peppersWhenever I go to the farm, and lately it’s been almost every day, my first stop is always the greenhouse.  The rest of the garden is coming along – slowly – now that the torrential downpours have stopped, but inside the greenhouse everything is growing like it’s the Garden of Eden.

The stalks of the bell peppers are nice and thick, and they’re putting out lots of nice flowers.  I haven’t grown these since I lived in Roseburg, and I did despair a little of ever having a homegrown bell pepper again.  On a whim I threw a couple of seeds into a pot, and figured I’d just try and see.  Based on this though, I think they might just do well out here.  Next year I’ll have to grow more than two!

0528 tomatoesThe tomatoes are doing better than good.  They’re doing monstrously, really.  I’ve been diligently suckering each plant, and gave them each a temporary bamboo pole, but they’re still getting completely out of hand.  The twine clips I ordered were supposed to get here on Friday, but UPS let me down and now they’re not going to be delivered until tomorrow at the earliest.  I’ll have to go straight out as soon as I get them and string up these bad boys, or else I’ll have a riot on my hands.

I’ve also got basil (and marigolds) growing along the edge, too.  They’re doing fine, but I definitely don’t have enough to make a batch of pesto yet.  Hopefully next month!

0528 lettuce bed.jpgAnd then, finally, there is the lettuce.  And the carrots.  But the real elephant in this room is the lettuce.  This stuff has done way better than I anticipated, and gotten much much bigger than I anticipated as well!  I spaced them each about 6 inches apart, but that was definitely not enough in retrospect.  These things got huge!

Next year I won’t plant as many.  Maybe just a couple of the romaines, since you can cut leaves as you need them and they keep growing.  I don’t know what I was thinking planting so many this year!  And I really like the butter-heads, but I didn’t space out their planting dates at all so they’ve all matured at once.  Next year I’ll sow a few every couple weeks or so, and hopefully the lettuce patch will be a little more manageable.

This year though, we’re going to have to start eating a lot of salad (and quickly) if we want to use it all before it bolts!


8 thoughts on “A Glimpse in the Greenhouse

  1. foxpineshomestead says:

    You definitely have a green thumb! I know how it is – plant too many of something, and then they all do well. I have at least 2 dozen tomato plants this year, but I will can or sauce /freeze all the extras, nothing goes to waste if I can help it.

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