Nest Watch 2017

0412 avery at pondThere’s an old wood duck house down by our pond.  It’s been there as long as I’ve been coming to the farm; Jasper thought maybe one of his brothers or his sister made it and put it up back when they were children.

I don’t know if any wood ducks have ever used it, but certainly not in recent years.  We check it compulsively almost every time we wander by, always with the hope of finding wood duck eggs inside, but it’s always empty.

0412 duck boxThe other day the girls and I visited the pond while Jasper was burning stuff elsewhere on the farm.  We found four amphibious egg clusters clinging to the weeds, but we’ll have to wait awhile to find out whether they’re frog eggs or newt eggs.  We sent sticks and old boat floats down through the culvert pipe and watched them shoot out the waterfall on the otherside (like Poohsticks, sort of).

Almost as an afterthought I opened up the duck house:
0412 eggsEggs!

Nestled in a bed of dry grasses were two perfect blue and brown speckled eggs.  Not wood duck eggs, to be sure, but eggs nonetheless!  A perfect discovery just in time for Easter.

Now, if only I could know for certain what type of birds these eggs belong to.  Robin?  Starling?  Stellar Jay?  I guess time will tell.  Nest Watch 2017 is on!


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