Dumpster Days

img_0237img_024720170125_133430img_0243img_0245img_0262img_0249img_0250img_0254img_0260img_0261img_0264img_0268My friends, these were a gross couple of days.

Really gross.  Like covered in decomposing flies and rodent, bird and bat urine and feces gross.


But we got so much done.  The majority of the house is cleared out now.  The man who’s been living there for the last few years hasn’t quite moved out yet (sigh), and so there’s about three rooms that are waiting on him.  We got that 30 yard dumpster filled up though, and our burn and scrap metal piles are sky high.  Jasper’s out there today working on taking down old scaffolding and salvaging the amazing 12′-20′ lengths of old growth ship lap timber lining the walls of the living room.

The rest of the house is really not in very good condition.  The bare bones are good, but the floors are soft, there’s mold blooming everywhere, the layout is awful, the stairs are lethal, and most of the walls have a good deal of water damage.  Having been in there and really experiencing the house for the last two days, we feel much easier in our decision to take the old girl down and build new.  Much easier.

We didn’t get any of the outbuildings cleared, but we did poke around and found no less than half a dozen old sinks and toilets in the yard and fields.  I don’t know why there were so many, since the house only has one bathroom, but it felt really good to get them off the ground and into the dumpster.

You know what else felt good?  Coming home each day and taking a long, scalding hot shower and scrubbing off all the grossness.  You don’t even want to know what I washed out of my hair.


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