It Begins

img_0174We had the septic tank on the farm inspected yesterday. And oh, thank you sweet baby Jesus, it passed!  We have to add a few more feet of drain field pipe to make sure the county is happy and will issue us a permit to replace the existing farmhouse, but that’s it.  The rest of it was as perfect as a septic system can be.

We’ve also rented a dumpster, to be delivered on Tuesday.  We got the biggest one they had, which should hold 30 yards of trash.  I hope that it’s big enough.  There is so much stuff everywhere we look.  Our first priority is to get everything out of the house, so that we can figure out what to do with it.  If we have time after that gargantuan task is done, it would also be nice to start cleaning out the outbuildings as well.


I know most of this stuff was held on to because one day someone might possibly need it.  That’s the old way of doing things out on a farm, and I can see the logic in it.  There’s a lot that we’ll end up saving and using, too, and I’m grateful for the foresight someone had to keep it.  But.  There is also just a lot of old trash put there because it was free, and easy, and out of sight, and there was space to spare.

For instance, there is a school bus in the trees of the lower field.  The house and outbuildings are a trove of cracked bathtubs and water heaters, moldy mattresses, empty coffee cans, rusted farm implements and home appliances, suitcases of old clothes and old pictures, lots of old newspapers, broken window frames, and god knows what else.

We will burn what can be burned.  We’ll sell for scrap what can be sold for scrap.  We’ll keep and reuse what we can and, for better or worse, the rest will go into that dumpster.  It’s going to be so much work; hard, dirty and really pretty gross work I’m imagining, thanks to it’s 122 years of flies and mice and slowly moldering garbage.  But I’m certain that by next Friday this farm should have a clean slate for an equally long future.

old washing machine


6 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. sbaskitchen says:

    How exciting. Yes a lot of horrid stuff, but the excitement when you find something can be reused. I remember cleaning out my gran’s old home, and I have a couple of things that may have normally been burnt, one, an old meat safe is now in my garden shed for storage – it always makes me feel good to see it when I open the door. Enjoy the adventure. Looking forward to the next post and pics of how you are progressing.

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