The Good Enough Chicks

img_9994So, it turns out that I could not wait until May to get baby chicks.  I ended up cancelling my spring chick reservation and took myself down to the local feed store to grab a few of the $3.50 Ameraucana chicks they had.

Those fluffy cheeks.  They slay me.

Tomorrow I’m going to go in and pick up a Black Sex Link, a Rhode Island Red and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  Later, when they have an order of Barnevelders and Cochins, I’ll get those too, and maybe one or two of whatever else they carry.

The truth is, I just couldn’t quite justify spending over a hundred dollars on fancy chickens from a fancy breeder.  I wanted to, I love the thought of an aesthetically pleasing flock roaming around, but I know that the chickens from the feed store are just as good as any Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte or Jubliee Orpington.  They lay the same eggs.  They both scratch in the dirt and eat bugs and poop everywhere.  One is just drastically more expensive than the other one, and solely because of the color of it’s feathers.

I struggle with this exact same thing in a lot of areas in my life.  I know that I’m merely a product of my culture, but I’m tired of always wanting (or being told I should want, anyway) the most expensive, the newest, the prettiest or the latest thing.  I’m tired of being told to value facade above all else.

So.  In the spirit of the changes I’m trying to make, of the life I’m trying to live, and of the values I’m trying to embrace, I’m going with the feed store special – the good enough chicks.  I don’t need the fancy; I just need the eggs.


7 thoughts on “The Good Enough Chicks

  1. Sonnische says:

    You remind me of the flock we got by mail in the 70s, several different kinds including a Buff Cochin. We went to the post office with my little boy’s red wagon and brought home the peeping box to our back yard in Castro Valley, California. We had a shed for them and feeders and waterers, and got off to a great start. As they got bigger they flew into the trees and one by one were eaten by the Doberman next door. No eggs. And I still grieve the bird with the fluffy leggings.


  2. bluestempond says:

    I think buying feed store chicks is just fine. That’s what I did too and I also bought 2-3 of each kind. That was a good idea in the end because I could tell them apart and thus count them easily. Now, I have 7 of one kind and I have no idea when they are all in for the night. They move too fast.

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  3. sbaskitchen says:

    I think your “good enough” chicks are going to look amazing in the yard at the old farm, A kaleidoscope of chickens you might say… The variety of the egg shell colour is another exciting possibility? Sometimes the most expensive is not the most exciting. Well done!

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