Rounding Them Up

img_9531The chickens were up at the neighbor’s yesterday, scratching up the dirt by the side of their house, being very naughty.  Luckily, they are gluttonous birds, and came running back greedily when I pretended to have some food to give them.  But I know it’s just a matter of time before they go back, making me the annoying bad neighbor who lets her chickens destroy other people’s yards.

I suppose it’s time to fence them in.

img_9677I don’t know why, now that they have a whole acre to wander about, they feel the need to go explore other people’s homes.  At our old house, we only had an eighteenth of an acre to call our own, and neighbors within spitting distance to either side.  But my chickens never left our yard.  The neighbor’s chickens, on the other hand, never stayed in his yard.  They came over and destroyed my garden, scratched up all my flower beds, and eventually started roaming the street.  They made the mistake of digging in the mean neighbor’s yard, and the mean neighbor ended up calling the police and the city, who came over and informed the chickens’ owners that chickens were not actually allowed in town.  Whoops.

It will have to be just a temporary fence, nothing idyllic or fancy, as this is a temporary home, and part of me will be sad not to see them roaming freely around the yard all day, doing chicken-y things, but another part of me will be glad not to be that neighbor that everybody secretly hates.

IMG_9766.JPGAlso, it will be nice not to have to worry about chicken poop on the deck.


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