Mid-August on the Farm

honey and cream corn augustfirst windfall applesfarm in august 10101e77c488e7c2a36c4cffb069bb3ad917691f5ee016e037438f5c882299f3177b7852520c5bd05c09c016ea033623d6246924aa6ac0c21afe3952ca279e201c1a889e54d02974e6af4e8e7fae427749a72c403Mid-August on the farm is full of contradictions.  The corn and tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are coming in to their own, while the peas, beans and berries are almost done.

We honestly haven’t been out to the farm as much as we’d like to because August is also the birth month of my oldest daughter and my mother, the Regatta festival in my hometown, and tying up loose ends for back to school (like registering my first baby for KINDERGARTEN!), not to mention that we’ve been busy with trying to sell our house so that we can live full-time on the farm instead of trying to make it out there between everything else.

Hopefully late August sees us spending much more time out there!


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