Late June, in the backyard garden


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In my head, there is a very distinct difference between the farm garden and the backyard garden.

I tend to think of the farm as growing the real food, the food we’ll be preserving and hopefully eating throughout the year.  The backyard garden, in contrast, is sometimes thought of as the snacking garden.  The lesser garden.  The garden we’ll eat up before winter arrives.  The garden that will not sustain us through the dark months ahead.

It’s an unfair definition and an unfair comparison.  In truth, it is simply the kitchen garden.  The one meant to be eaten as it ripens, the one that feeds us now and through these light and sunny months to come.  And while it’s true that we do a lot of snacking there, I shouldn’t be dismissing that out of hand.  Avery and Iris are always out eating peas and carrots, tomatoes and green onions.  They are eating their vegetables – they are begging to go pick and eat their vegetables! – thanks to that little garden.

I need to start reminding myself that while it is smaller, it is not lesser by a long shot.  It’s growing the realest food we could want, and that we need, right now.


7 thoughts on “Late June, in the backyard garden

  1. futureisblooming says:

    Thank you. By no means lesser… especially for those of us who have only the backyard garden :). So little of it is left for the year ahead, but oh how we miss it once we have to go back to the market in the fall.


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